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educating towards

Climate Literacy through

Literature Evaluation,

Data Analysis, and Reporting


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Keith Peterman is a Professor of Chemistry at York College of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement.  He has served as a Fulbright Scholar in Germany and in Russia, a National Academy of Sciences Scholar in Poland, a Research Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory in DC, and as a visiting professor in China and New Zealand.  He writes a blog hosted by the York Daily Record and is a contributing member of the Huffington Post blog team.  He participates in the UN climate conferences as an accredited member of the press.

Dr. Keith E. Peterman
Professor of Chemistry

Tel: 717-815-1334


Dr. Gregory P. Foy
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Tel: 717-815-1523


Gregory Foy is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at York College of Pennsylvania.  As a 20+ year member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), he currently serves on the Meetings and Expositions Committee and is a Councilor for the local Southeastern Pennsylvania Section (SEPSACS).    As an analytical chemist, his focus is in the broad area of Analytical Instrumentation with an emphasis in Environmental Analysis.  He writes a blog titled “Global Hot Topics”, and is a contributing member of the Huffington Post blog team.  Along with Keith Peterman, he leads a group of ACS students attending the United Nations climate conferences where he serves as an accredited member of the press.

Rachel “Leigh” Foy, M.S., M.A.T., is an award winning high school science teacher at York Suburban High School and an adjunct faculty member at York College of Pa.  She was an associate editor on the national High School POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) Initiative and has conducted many workshops and presentations for teachers for POGIL facilitation/development and for climate literacy. She has been awarded several classroom grants for environmental education and in 2015 was awarded the MIT Inspirational Teacher of the Year award.

Ms. Leigh Foy
H.S. Science Teacher

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American Chemical Society (ACS) UNFCCC COP Student Ambassador Project

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